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This will be the place where I will be sharing my thoughts on just about every subject imaginable.

Hopefully, it will be a means of grace, a place where we all can grow closer to our Creator, even as we grow closer to one another. That means, if it is successful, it will be a tool that helps us deepen our faith as well as deepen our community.

For that to happen we will have to work together. I will need your help for this blog to fulfill its potential and accomplish all it can.

What I will need is your questions, your comments and feedback, and your suggestions on topics for future blog posts. And the first suggestion needed is for a good name for this blog. Let me hear your thoughts and ideas. Maybe we will put all the suggestions on a ballot and vote for the best one…

Until then, remember to thank God for all you have…and trust Him for all you need.

Pastor's Post