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Bishop Weeks is home. Email from him.

The physical therapist had me walk the hall using a walker and also without the walker. No fall and no pain. He had me walk up and down 8 steps holding the hand rail. The doctor also put me through movement and pressure test which I passed to her delight.

The surgery was medical terms a hernilaminectomy. In other word a herniated disc tue to age depressing the discs in the back had strangely fragmented and a part of the disc had pressed against the nerve that affected the left leg causing me to loose support and fall twice Wednesday and again Thursday. Had I not had the surgery he said I would eventually become totally crippled.

I am too use a walker for a few days until I build my confidence that I won't fall and some of my daily activities will be temporally suspended. More of my activates will have to take place in the house void of climbing steps for awhile including not driving for several weeks. I will be asking for some help. This was major back/spine surgery and I thank you for the many prayers that made it go so simply

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Here is the follow up message from Bishop Weeks

It was about 4:30 when they operated and as best as I understand he removed part of a disc. I was still drowsy when he told me. I am in my room now and may go home tomorrow. Thanks to all for your prayers.

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LIKE & SHARE if you are thankful for a God who can see past our faults! ** gmc TV has great family shows on ALL day, click on this link for the schedule watchgmctv.com/schedule

Here is an update on Bishop Weeks,
The doctor said the MRI showed an object pressing on a nerve affecting my leg. A cartlledge. Surgery scheduled for 2 pm today.

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Nothing we will ever do could keep us from His loving kindness. [TY Proverbs 31 Ministries for this reminder!]

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About Forest Road UMC

forest-road-umc-pic-copyAbout Forest Road UMC

The history of Forest Road United Methodist Church chronicles the Christian Faith and the faithful living of many men, women and children.

The structure of our church tells the story of the heartfelt faith that is our true history. Every window reveals our dependence on the Light of the World. Each brick shows the importance of each participant in our church community and our need for each other. The roof reminds us of the grace which protects and covers us. The spire points to the love of God which entered out midst through Christ’s early life. The cross proclaims the price of our freedom from sin, and its emptiness celebrates that the One who died for us could not be bound by death. His cross is empty as is His burial place. Every stair reminds us that the journey of faith both climbs and descends. Our doors declare that we embrace all people, those that come seeking knowledge, serving, questioning, celebrating ….

Like the children’s rhyme where you make a church building with your hands and open the doors and “see all the people”, when you open the doors and “see all the people” at Forest Road UMC, you’ll see the true church – a community of people who have experienced certainty and confusion, elation and pain, wonder and worry. All are welcome here. Most importantly, God as we know him in Jesus Christ, welcomes all.

“Open Hearts…

Open Minds…

Open Doors”

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